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Columbus Barcelona

You may have noticed our awesome new logo and name: VYS LUXURY.

This is a step forward in our mission to deliver excellence to our clients.

Our CEO, Emanuele Minore explains the reason for this change:

Emanuele Minore VYS
Emanuele Minore, CEO at VYS YACHT SERVICE

Emanuele, we have noticed the impressive new VYS logo.

Can you tell us what VYS LUXURY is and why the new logo?

Yes, we have restyled our logo to provide the exact identity of our company, the luxury service.

VYS has undergone a great evolution, expanding the radius of action throughout the Mediterranean, maintaining quality and know-how in all our branches, to keep up with the demands of our clients.

Will you include any new service?

Yes, for the next season we have thought of a truly exclusive dedicated service, which will give a great advantage to Stewardesses and Chefs, and a great comfort and luxury feeling for the owners and their guests.

Are we going to hear more interesting news from VYS soon?

Of course, my staff and I are already planning the 2022 season, although for us the season never ends, and in the coming months we will announce all our improvements to always meet the different needs of our customers.

And we will keep you posted on every move we make.



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