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a great experience in Genoa

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

On April 12th and 13th 2022, Genova was the frame of “Sea You” event, a gathering organized to reunite yacht and superyacht captains, brokers and yachting industry professionals.

The Marina di Genova welcomed several appointments and workshops during which was discussed, among the other topics, sustainable development in the yachting industry. It was also an occasion to build new and stronger relationships among all professionals.

VYS Global Yacht Supplier was the proud sponsor of the Italian Yacht Masters light lunch organized on board the Baron Trenck Yacht. On this special occasion, guests onboard could taste Italian delicatessen, delicious finger food, personalized desserts, refined wines and pure fruit juices. It was also an opportunity for VYS to showcase its expertise and detailed, tailor-made service.

Emanuele Minore (VYS CEO) and Alessandra Vio (Operations Manager) took part to the event to represent the company.

A special thank you goes to Italian Yacht Masters and Baron Trenck for hosting us onboard and La Scolca winery, our official partner for Yachting !



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