VYS’ main base of operations lies in the Italian region of Veneto. Most of our facilities are located around Venice and Marghera, and include vast space to stock and prepare our products ready to be delivered to our customers. Our structure is organised by product and includes three groups of warehouses and laboratories each one dedicated to a specific area of operation; fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. As well as a few warehouses and cellars dedicated to stocking the drinks. We are employing overall nearly one hundred people to work on our different product areas, from selecting the products and managing the stock, to processing and packaging, ready to be delivered to the final customer.


With our own fleet including land and sea transports VYS is able to deliver directly to Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and France (cote d’Azur). Our transport includes many vans and trucks, some refrigerated, as well as boats of various sizes and purposes, capable to coastal navigation, mainly serving the Adriatic Sea region. Fresh, dry or frozen goods are all transported complying with rigorous standards and regulations, to grant the best level of conservation. VYS provides its customers with a product that is not only renowned for its superiority, but also delivered in perfect condition.


Working with the most important freight forwarders and thanks to our vast network within the superyacht industry VYS is able to deliver to almost anywhere in the world. We offer next day delivery throughout the Mediterranean and very short delivery times across the rest of the world. For orders with a product value in excess to 3000€, we will send your goods by sea or air wherever you are, and have it delivered to you with the care that is required, directly from the hands of our local partners.



We work closely with our suppliers to make sure the freshest, quality produce is delivered.

We make sure your delivery is sent quickly and direct to you on board, wherever you are.



VYS take care when choosing the best produce and suppliers, meaning you will receive the best.

Our team are dedicated in giving you the best service possible, and are always here to help.