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We supply all the food and drinks required by your guests and your crew, as well as many of the fundamentals needed on board such as flowers, interior supplies, janitorial products and even accessories and appliances for your galley. 



With a vast experience providing the luxury industry with the best products and services, VYS has become one of the leading superyacht suppliers. 


Our successful recipe has just three ingredients:


We search on your behalf for the finest quality products. All our products are sourced locally and the most of them are produced in an artisanal/traditional way so that we can deliver not only freshness but also original/unique flavours to your table. We are supplying as well international brands and products that are part of your day to day life on-board, making it easier for you to feel at home, wherever you are. 


VYS are deeply committed to always supplying the best. We are constantly looking for premium national and foreign products, with staff dedicated to analysing the customer needs, researching and selecting the best products worldwide.


Outstanding service with international deliveries, tailor made packaging, compliance with your food prep specifications, the certainty of having professional advice when required and the cordiality you should expect from your local shop. All of this is made possible by our constant investment in people and logistics, to ensure our customer will have the best experience possible. 


With our own logistics including land and water transportation and having long-lasting ties with premium carrier companies, we are able to deliver our products globally. Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles and customized air transport will always guarantee the control and the freshness of the product at any stage.


Our competitiveness is generated by having our own logistics and using a short supply chain which enables us to deliver the product directly from the producer to the consumer. This has a direct impact on pricing, reducing the cost of the goods and making our offer appealing to both our customers and other intermediaries. 


We have a large portfolio of manufacturers and we are also exclusive distributors for many notable brands. We have built over the years a network of partnerships between international suppliers and manufacturers, aiming to cut out unnecessary intermediaries and reducing costs. This enables us to offer to our customers unbeatable prices and services. 


Our dedicated team provides a fast pace assistance service, taking requests 24/7 and assisting the client with tailor-made logistic plans, providing the customer with the maximum possible comfort.

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