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VYS is an Italian family holding based in Venice operating for over 40 years, born to supply the mass market, it has since extended its services to include luxury hotels, private villas, and the superyacht sector. Following our success in the superyacht industry, we decided to start to operate with aviation, building ties with the private jet sector. 

As we were already supplying the luxury market through provisioners and other intermediaries, we found it easy to step into the aviation sector and open a direct conversation with airports, handling companies, and senior flight crew. 

Our headquarters are in Venice, where we have many facilities including warehouses, cellars and our own food processing laboratories working with the different products to prepare and package them as per our customer requirements. We are now in the process of developing new branches in the areas we are already reaching, as well as having distribution platforms with product stocks and our own logistics to directly supply these territories and beyond. 

We are used to buying directly from the producers and/or the national importers in all the countries where we have our companies based. We also have our own logistics that include land and sea refrigerated transport. This enables us to provide an extremely efficient service at a very competitive price. 

What we offer it is not only a high-quality product and a reliable service at very competitive rates, but also a level of customisation that includes the product selection, preparation, and packaging to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding client. 

We are able to serve both Venice and Treviso airports using our own logistics, including land and sea refrigerated transport providing a next day delivery service. 

From our British and Italian offices, we are able to assist our clients 24/7, swiftly dealing with their every request. 

As a group, VYS mainly operates in Europe having branches and associates in Italy, UK, France, Spain, Croatia and Greece.

We also provide shipping globally, through a consolidated relationship with all the most important international freight forwarders and a vast network of commercial partners.

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