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Water, sun, wind: three essential conditions for life, three protagonists meeting in Gragnano, where they have been ever since.

Gragnano is a wild territory ruffled by the maestrale wind rising up from the sea and making its way through the streets of the city.

This land is protected by the Lattari mountains, where the sun rises from the mountain tops to warm the local people.

These are the ingredients that create the magic of Pasta Gragnano IGP. Without them, it could never exist.

Today, we are introducing Pasta Ducato D'Amalfi, a one-of-a-kind product.

VYS lab is a project born in 2017: here, a specialized team searches for niche producers in the food field all over the national and foreign terrotory.

Following a sustainable eating lifestyle nowadays is the first step to guarantee our Planet the good health state it deserves. It is a conscious choice that envolves our behaviours and that starts from the food we bring to our tables. Food sustainability is also essential for our health: we are hat we et, and we should never forget it.

At VYS, we try to do our best, not only by respecting all standards and law regulations, but also committing to offer sustainable food that combines quality and a tailor-made service.

We actually do more: as a matter of fact, we love the Italian traditions and this is why, in our headquarters and branches, you can always find the excellence of regional and international products. Emanuele Minore

Company CEO

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